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Lee Speary
“Growing up using my eyes a lot more than my ears always got me in trouble. I was always quite enchanted by the world around me. Throughout my life I don’t know if I was in love with the girl on the school bus or the way the sun hit her hair just right as she was looking out the window”

Lee Speary Photography captures fleeting moments in time that touch our hearts while we are there or even if the moments move so quickly we never get a chance to see them. Lee Speary has an array of experience bringing out the personality of any situation, rather it be a wedding, business advertisement, or the essence of any portrait. The greatest gift that Lee Speary’s achieves from his photographs is the story that is told between the light and the shadow.

Lee Speary has spent several years traveling around the United States marketing photographs for community web sites, small to midsize businesses and chamber of commerce.